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Our Capabilities


Laser-cutting is an extremely cost-effective method for producing low quantity runs of fabricated metal parts. A sheet-metal laser can also cut irregular shapes, such as ventilation holes, without the need for investment in tooling.


Laser Specifications:

  • 2200W Balliu Sheet Metal Laser Cutter

  • Cuts metal thicknesses of up to:

    • 3/8" mild steel

    • 7 gauge stainless steel

    • 0.080" aluminum

  • ​Cuts metal sheets up to 5' x 10'

CNC Turret-Punching


Turret-punching is the most efficient and cost-effective method of producing high quantity orders. The turret is fully-hydraulic and allows for extra customization through tooling. 


Turret-Punch Specifications:

  • 22-Ton CNC Nisshinbo Turret Punch

  • 22 tooling stations with 2 auto-index stations

  • Punches metal with thicknesses up to:

    • 10 gauge mild steel

    • 0.190" aluminum

  • Punches metal sheets up to 48" x 50"



As with all processes at Accu Metals, forming is carried out with attention to accuracy. Each bend plays a role in the use of a part, and we are mindful of this, ensuring that each is consistent with the design and specifications of the part.


Press Brake Specifications:

  • 10' 250-Ton Nisshinbo CNC Press Brake

    • 7 axes

    • Hydraulic

  • 6' 60-Ton Accupress CNC Press Brake

    • 2 axes

    • Hydraulic


Three weld types are available, each with their own benefits. The welding process used will depend upon the design and size of the product.


MIG welding is especially useful for heavy, industrial parts that need a very firm bond and a quick production time.


TIG welding can be used for this purpose as well, but is a cleaner-looking weld and takes a little more skill and time to produce.


Spot welding is an automated process used for light-weight parts needing a clean, smooth appearance.

Hardware Installation

Any type of PEM-style fasteners, flush or self-captive hardware may be installed at our facility. Each piece of hardware is placed exactly where specified to eliminate malfunctions in use. Please let us know any special hardware needs you may have and we will be happy to accommodate!


Many finish types are available, ranging from basic zinc plating to texturized powder coating and silk screening. Other finish types offered are: anodizing, irriditing, e-coating, and standard powder coating. Other options may be available— please contact us with any questions.


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